“one of the most sublime beautiful albums I’ve heard. Magical, dreamlike, a pleasant sense of drifting through space. Highly recommended.” 
★★★★★ Dave Sumner, allaboutjazz.com 

“one of the most beautiful albums released in Scandinavia in modern times. An album that captures [Iceland’s] soul.”
★★★★★ Jan Gradvall, Dagens Industri, Sweden 

“no less than the best introduction to the music and culture of Iceland, which you could want or even imagine.” 
★★★★★ IJ.Biermann, nordische-musik.de 

“If there’s one musician who acts as a heartbeat of the [Reykjavik Jazz] festival, then it’s Icelandic drummer-composer Einar Scheving. He crops up frequently in several different settings, showing impressive versatility...But it is when he leads his own group that Scheving comes into his own as both a writer and player." 
Kevin Le Gendre, Jazzwise 

“music penetrated by poetry and warmth, which goes to your heart and gives your imagination a lot to dream about...Already in the first song, it became clear that this concert was one of the highlights of the festival.” 
Axel Engels, EV-Online, Germany 

“Some albums are like stories. The music of Cycles is ethereal and vivid, like a story that unfolds within a dream...This album is just flat-out beautiful, and emotive as hell.” 
Dave Sumner, birdistheworm.com 

“Einar Scheving is a powerhouse drummer capable of pretty much anything at any time.” 
Dave Wayne, allaboutjazz.com 

“This is pure art, in which one has the feeling of disappearing into a dream world where only beauty exists.” 
★★★★★ Vernhardur Linnet/Morgunbladid 

“Absolutely brilliant.” 
★★★★★ Arnar Eggert Thoroddsen, mbl.is (Iceland’s most read web-site) 

“such a beautiful album that in my mind it is perfect, and I’ll give it a 10.” 
Andrea Jónsdóttir, Rás 2 (Public radio, Iceland) 

“melodic, peaceful and often heartbreakingly beautiful.” 
Rasmus Klockljung, Lira, Sweden